Sunday 23rd January 2011-Dogs and Blogs, Courseworks a sod!

After a mad day yesterday out with friends I was looking forward to a quiet day at home to get some more work finalized, this art don't make itself you know! But as usual there's always something else that has to be done! So I helped mi man organize his new toy, i.e The book of face. We had lunch and I had to crack on with my painting. As much as I enjoy painting i don't feel particularly confident it is my best medium to portray certain idea's. There has been very few painting projects i have been quite proud of, one of them is hanging in my mum and dads living room, dad says its rude, I say its art!  So painting away, I came to realise this college lark is more often than not about the idea behind the work, not so much the quality of drawings, prints or in this case, painting. As long as there is solid evidence written in sketchbook to define why you made the work you will more often than not get at least a merit! mind you, I thought that for my last project.

It was an optional unit, i chose to do a video installation, as i had never done this before. i made a video based around my family, funny things from the past,etc, and how we interact on a day to day basis. I thought it was brilliant, i'll post it up soon. but when i got the marks back, my tutor told me, "hypothetically, if a distinction was 70, i got 68!" Ohhh i was soo close to tears!! that was on one unit of the two that project hit, I did get a distinction for the other unit though. So that was a bonus.
So this is why I'm finding it hard to get my head round this current project! For all the time I try hard, its never good enough, when i don't try, my work sails through. Ohhh life. what i weird thing it is.
 Back to today, we had a lazyish afternoon then went to our friends for a cuppa, trying to talk over  gorgeous, yet loud pups is quite amusing, bless them! They are sweet really.
For the very few people who have viewed my blog already you may notice a few tweaks have been made to my design layout. Well, a very good friend showed me how this was achieved! I like it! Hope my new blog pet doesn't distract you too much!


  1. Tits are not art. Tits are rude.

  2. YAY Fanks fur visitin us today Aunty Wilma, yu know how muchs I loves seein yu n Uncy Fred. Your bloggy is soooooo kewl I will sends little sis ova to visits it soon.
    Come visits us again really soon, fings are settlin down a bit more now wivs me hormones

    xx xx