Friday 1st April 2011- April Fools Day and Parties

My tutor was soo funny this morning! As soon as we were all in our room he said we had to do key skills, everyone moaned and groaned about it. He asked us to get a pen and paper and go to the reception, which I thought was quite odd, but I thought maybe we were getting the results back from our exam last week. So we all followed to the reception, where our tutor did the register, then he said, " Right, about this Key Skills... April Fools!" and walked out! Cheeky guy fooled everyone! Ohh it was funny!!
So couldn't focus most of the day, don't know why. i just sat staring at my sketchbook most of the morning! It was only when Sofia came to see me that I actually got some motivation to get some work done. She sat with my class friend round the corner and he taught her how to do 3D Graphic Animation on his laptop, don't know how much of it sunk in though! Fia offered to take me home, as we didn't have art history this afternoon, and I really couldn't focus I thought I'd just get back and chill out for a bit. Fia dropped me off and I got lookiong for something to wear tonight. We were off to a friend of mi familys house for a birthday party, didn't wear anything special. Just as well as it turns out it was more of a film night than a party,first they watched some crappy film, then Toy Story 3, the night was a bit dull at parts. Then at one point Batty offered to come with me and pick up Sofia so she could come and join in the festivities with us! Was more fun driving to go get her.Well, til she got there anyways! We watched Despicable Me after we got back, again. Was really funny, as my dad had never seen it before he was giggling like a big kid! It was brilliant!
Ohh my days, I really wanted to get the colours done on my tat this afternoon but mi brothers mates have just got back from their holiday so he wanted to go and see them, fair enough really, can do that another day!

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  1. "some crappy film" !!!!!
    That was the Spoke and Jim show !