Thursday 21st April 2011- Town, coursework and Chillin' Out!

Was so cool that Fia stayed round last night. We were up real late talking about loads of madness. Weren't even that drunk! Haha, good old times, hopefully soon she'll remind me what we were talking about! So didn't want to get up this morning!
Me and Fia went to town today. We went to Costa's and had an iced coffee, that was lush! Then we went to New Look and I got a new pair of shoes! They wicked cool! Love em! Fia got a white boob tube like mine! We gotta make sure we never wear em on the same day when we together now.
 It was so hot outside today, so when we got back from town we sat out in the garden and I did my sketchbook for a bit, don't how I'm going to keep up with my blogs when I start uni, is hard enough now! But we sat outside, and listened to our music all loud, with a few so co and cokes, was a wicked day!
The pigs came outside to chill in the sun with us for a bit! that was fun! Tried to keep them out of the sun most of the time though, especially my Squeakles, cos he is mostly black, I thought he'd probably get hot quicker. Love them! My Obi came and sat with us for a bit, but he found he favourite cozy spot by the door and stayed there the majority of the day!
 I know several people that do not understand the concept of chillin' out! Is kinda like meditating but in a less mind-consumed way, and instead of clearing my mind I seem to fill it with loads of random thoughts and questions, like, do butterflies worry about how they look?, and, how big does a cat have to be, before its a tiger? Why does a bee think it always has to work? and does a bee even think? I love bee-ing me, ha ha.
That's what friends like Fia are here for, to ask random questions and debate nonsensical topics, and some quite deep ones too! Really wish I could remember what we were talking about last night!
Fia's staying with me tonight as well, and coming out with us tomorrow, then mi mans got his friend staying tomorrow night, we ain't gonna be alone until Saturday, Oh well, what a pity never mind! Jokes, lol.

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