Friday 22nd April 2011- Drink!!

After a pretty uneventful week it was good to get out and do something, we all met up for Chambers beer festival. Well the guys met up at the station, me and Fia walked to meet Lisa and take a detour to her friends to pick up some clothes. That was fun, in my new shoes, hadn't even met Lis before my feet were hurting already! Not a good idea the amount of walking we had to do today!
We caught up with everyone near Chambers, before the event had even started, sat outside and waited for them to open! After 5 or 10 minutes I shouted through the door for them to let us in, a few of our group were worried I'd get us all banned before we'd even got in! That would be funny, Wussies!
Finally they opened up shop and we immediately got the drinks in and started our day, I stopped to mousse my hair then cracked on with the Malibu and cokes!
Its real funny being at a beer festival and not drinking beer. Mostly because I know that I like what I'm drinking, and don't waste time trying all sorts of different drinks, when there is probably only a handful that I'd like, well I don't like beer anyways but that's not the point. I don't get this whole tasting every beer in the place thing. Find what you like and stick with it, that's my personal opinion anyways, I know a lot of people would say that's the wrong way to go about life!
So with a few of us there already and some meeting us later we decided to order some grub, and what good grub it was too! I had a big chicken and something baguette! It was really spicy! Most of our lot had got the spicy ribs, so I tried one of Fia's and they were really good! I was dipping my chips in every ones spicy rib sauce! That was fun! I was really bad and had a chocolate mousse pudding, okay two! but they were so yummy!
When everyone had arrived a few more drinks were consumed before we headed down to the Pullmans for a few more! The garden was really nice down there, it had been such a nice sunny day, why we'd spent it in a bar that is effectively the cellar I don't know! But it was nice to be out in the fresh air when I'd only seen the sun to go out and have a fag! Ironic huh. So we sat around a big table, everyone having a laugh and telling jokes that had been sent on our phones. I was getting really angry with myself though by this point, my dad jokes around all calls me tiddling tessie, but today I actually had probably been to the loo at least once every half hour if not more, and by the time we reached the Pullmans it was even worse.
Everyone left a lot earlier than we'd been planning to head back, but we were off to Rileys to play pool anyways so it didn't matter too much. Where I'd been threatening to go back to ours when everyone else left(cos my feet hurt) I think mi man was pissed with me that I changed my mind and wanted to stay out a bit longer! We had a good time though, the guys played snooker, and I kept the scores! I played his friend at pool, and won! There's no beating mi man though, no chance Kitty!
On the way home we stopped at Tesco's to get some fags and so they could get nibbles and went home to watch 2012, seen it about 5 times now but I still love that film! I took my shoes off after a little while, got a piggy back some of the way home too, bonus!!
Sorry Fia! We drank some of your So co whilst we watched the film, I didn't let him eat your daim bar though!! Was a bloody good day!

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