Sunday 24th April 2011- Smarden

Today was another one of those tedious ordeals, that I generally put up with cos I know other people want me to be there, next year I'm not so sure I will endure it! May stay home with the boys.
So we said goodbye to the animals and set off to meet everyone at the bat farm. Then walked to the pub, the guys were eating all sorts of rubbish, squid!? Who eats squid as a pub snack?! Madness I tells ya.
I was just worryin about the moggies to be honest, so we went to see the duck race, tedious! On the way back to the farm we stopped at the 'art gallery' well some of us stopped at the art gallery, dad stopped at the one with a bar and beer on tap. We sat out in the garden next to the pond where they had some massive fish, I'd love to go fishing in there. It was so hot. Soon enough we were on the way back to the farm for a barbeque. That was nice. We all had way too much food I think, and enough drinks to feel a little tipsy.
 I was still wishing my cats had their own mobiles, and apposable thumbs to answer them!

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