Tuesday 19th April 2011-Home

Do you know how many of my friends/family have birthdays in April? I'll tell you, Lots! I have one friends on the first, one on the fourth, two of my friends share a birthday on the 14th! mi mans mums was yesterday, and his sister-in-law is next Friday! There's a few in between, distant cousins and old friends I don't really have much to do with anymore, still a lot.
One of these friends, I got a letter from today, I may have mentioned a few weeks ago I was writing to a friend (a little late) for his birthday, well I got a reply today, and I was so shocked I didn't know what to say! I'd have to tell you now it has been a little while since we've spoken. Wasn't even sure if I'd get a letter. Writing a letter was really all I could to break the ice after such a long time. It was nice to get a reply, but it just gave me so many more questions than I thought I would want to ask. Maybe I'll reply tomorrow.
Went back to mums for the day today, wasn't all that much happening. I went round to the pub for a few drinks with some good friends this evening, that was nice, sitting out in the beer garden having a chat. I fell asleep before I went I was that tired, really haven't been sleeping right, think is too much playing my new Sims 3 on my phone before I go to bed! Not a good idea!
Was a nice evening at mums trying to get on track with my blogs. Nearly caught up too! Ooops!

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