Saturday 23rd April 2011- Dreams do come true!

Wow!! I woke up this mornin, in relatively good shape after yesterdays drinking! Mi man woke me with a cup of coffee and said he and his friend were off out to 'hunt' for breakfast, (at the cafe) so I decided to catch up on facebook, and check my blog stats and stuff. A little while later he came back saying he'd been talking to the neighbours about obi's cat friend. and they asked if we'd been feeding it. Well, he told them we hadn't because she's not ours to feed, and they told him that this poor little moggy had been abandoned by other neighbours three doors down, and they were taking it to the cattery this evening! Well mi man told them how fond I am of that little puss already, anmd that he'd talk to me about tsking it in, like he had to! He came upstairs and told me all this. My response was disbelief! I ran out the garden in my pjs to find out if this was true, and sure enough it was! Our neighbours said that when they feed her this evening they would catch her and bring her round to ours, really and truly, I didn't want to wait that long! I leant over the back wall, and whistled. Not even a minute later little moggy paws jumped on the wall right next to me! So I gently picked her up, and took her inside, and the rest, as they say, is history!
We had to go over to our friends for a party this afternoon, almost didn't want to go cos I wanted to stay with the new mog. She was a little nervous about this new situation, and she didn't know where she was.
So we went to our friends for the party, had some lovely food and played in the paddling pool, her dog wasn't sure what to make of it! I ended up spending most of the time there filling up balloons with water, didn't get to throw many of them though.
We didn't really stay there too long, I wanted to get back and check on the cats.
 So when we got home, a certain little someone had pooped in the hall, and it weren't Obi, poor little bugger, I don't think our new cats very well, mind you. We don't have a clue what she's been eating for weeks! Think someone can sleep in the bathroom tonight! Poor little mite!

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