Saturday 29th January 2011- Only a little Tedious

Wow I had a nice lie in this morning, breakfast in bed is always a good way to start the day, Thanks honey!!
Wish the rest of that day was as nice as that. Quick bath and hurried out the door as usual. We stopped at his parents to say hi, and off to see mine. I thought I could get some clothes shopping done at some point today, even a little window shopping would have been cool. But no, driven round in circles for hours til we finally found where we were supposed to be, 2crappy tediously dull shops later it was time to get home. Didn't even get to look at any girly stuff! Grrr.
Nice cup of tea with ma parents n it was time to get back. Stopped in with our besties on the way home, is always good to see them after a long day. I say stopped in. We stayed a few hours, an unexpected chinese went down a treat, could hardly move I was so stuffed!
After a while we knew it was time to get back and get some things done around the house, cleaned my boys den out, hoovered up their mess. Although Mi man would say its my mess. Done the washing up and cleaned the kitchen, which is sad because it was actually fun with my music on. Great way to spent a Saturday evening, lol, jokes!
Finally got to watch Shameless, and now its time for bed! Ohhh Obi started his blog today too!

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  1. Was super to see you as always babes ! Have you seen how many comments your boy has
    ( dont forget cats don't LOL they MOL and dogs BOL and I guess Piggles SOL (squeek out loud))
    Have fun today
    Momma Tea
    xx xx xx