Saturday 12th February 2011- Grrrrr I lost

Don't really knopw what to say today, not a lot happened for most of it! Got up middayish, was in the bath for actual ages!! I swear it was hours and hours! I coulda stayed in there till my phone died and I had no music but I knew I had to sort a few things out.
After a very late breakfast I got my boys out for cuddles, then thought they were due they're big clean up. Usually gets done every few weeks. Every couple of days I'll clean them out and remake their beds, (dozy piggles are too small to lift the dustpan!) but today was the Big clean in which they get they're den all sprayed with special pet cage disinfectant. They love it! Surprisingly guinea pigs are very clean animals. They have a little hoppy Skippy jump when they see that their cage is all fresh and clean! I'd sent them downstairs to chill out with himself while I did the hoovering because they really don't like the loudness. You'd think they'd be used to loudness with me around! With hoovering done and dusted I quickly put some clothes away and popped my boys back in their cage to have a skippy hoppy jump, I got ready to go out.
At some point this afternoon I was asked if I wanted to go to play poker, this generally being a man thing I thought it best we checked if I was allowed. So a few messages were sent and no one seemed to mind. This meant I was an honorary man for the evening! Don't think I can do an impression of a bloke very well!
I lost terribly! Not as bad as I would have if I didn't have a little help and a few saving chips! Thanks you!
I think getting to the second to last round, with help or without is still pretty good going for a first try! Must play that again soon, maybe not with quite as much help next time. It was greatly appreciated though! Wonder whats happening tomorrow?

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