Wednesday 9th February 2011- Supposed to be at College

I skipped college today, very naughty of me I know but with a lot of stuff going down at home I thought it best to prioritise what is most essential. Today would not have been a productive day even if I had gone. Mi man had an appointment to get to this morning so I thought it best I was around should anything go wrong. We were both sure it wouldn't but you never know sometimes its better to be safe than sorry.
So with him out the door I sat down to watch last nights Shameless. Epic!!
Before I knew it he was back home and we were chillin out and chatting about what we were going to do with our day. We decided to go to town and have a look around at things we want. The big difference between us is if I see somethnig I like, I'll get it, whereas he'll think about it and go back only to find they don't have it anymore. Well thats what happens to me if I wait anyways! I got a new dress! Its so lush I love it, just got to find a reason to wear it out now! We also met our Bear in town, We Love You Bear!!
We met up with sofia and her man in town and had a right laugh, the guys hadn't met before, they seemed to get on pretty well!
When we got back obi was laying on the ironing board, as usual. I left it out the way for him cos (I don't know why) he just loves it! After cuddles from him and mi boys we sat down to watch Zohan. Bloody hilarious. Adam Sandler is a quality actor, he was the first favourite film I ever claimed as a favourite, the Wedding Singer. I watched that hundreds of times when I was younger!
Then whilst someone was hogging my laptop I tried my dress on again. I love new clothes!
I noticed that I didn't actually mention why I said 'bloody parrot' for yesterdays blog, I shall do that now. The reason I said that, as much as I love her, she is so noisy all the time I'm tryin to concentrate on my coursework, or hav a nap! Bless her! Although she loves making noise and trying to bite my fingers when I give her treats I'm still going to miss her!
All said and done I'm glad we had a day off today! Ohhh in totally unrelated news we watched a programme about a serial killer pig farmer in Canada. What a madness!! Can't get over how people can get so damn crazy!

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