Saturday 5th February 2011- Bloody Keys!

Can't find my keys for my life! Spent hours looking for em this morning! I've looked everywhere! Mum thinks obi hid them from me so I couldn't go out! It worked the cheeky monkey!
Cos mi man went out I couldn't leave till I found em, Luckily Fifi came round to see me and we've had a few drinks. Maybe a few too many.. We had some music on proper loud!! Think we scared obi a bit. bless him!
It was funny when mi man got back from being out on the lash allday, me and fifi were still more drunk than him! We may have had a little accident with one of his ties, we were a little ill at one point! lol. All good now though. Hope everyone else had a wicked cool Saturday too.
 I'ma really start getting some pictures up on here soon.

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