Sunday 6th February 2011-Parents

Was actually asleep really early last night.. Was really sweet, looking after a certain someone when he was all dizzy! I felt better by the time I got to bed! I watched million pound drop live the went to sleep,. i well wanna go on that programme!
 He was up really early this morning as usual! I had A wickid lie in! it was lovely!! I woke up, and he'd blitzed the whole house! I was well impressed, and half asleep.
We decided, both a bit poorly, that we'd go and see his parents for lunch, to cheer ourselves up a bit. We had a lovely lunch. Lots of chats, as my mum and dad were supposed  to be coming to see me this afternoon mi man said why don't they meet us at his parents.. That was quite strange! Cool though.
After we got home we watched ice road truckers, and then a film that my friend lent us called Notebook. Big mistake.. It was really good but it was So sad.. I'm officially banning myself from watching any sad movies! Don't let my mum watch this film either, she'd be blubbing for hours! After a little (himself would say a lot of) crying and cuddling my piglets I finished off his ironing.
My boys were falling asleep on him while I was doing the ironing, they were looking up at me like, 'mum what on earth are you doing?! Soo sweet!

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