Monday 7th February 2011- I'm So Tired

I'm not used to getting up early on a Monday. With a new job to do I thought it best to get my butt in gear and get back to mums to prepare a few things. I thought I'd get to work bright and early so we could get more done. We did faff around for a lil bit before working, which was nice, but we did get a lot done in the end.
The rest of the day I spent sorting a few bits out for my project. Wish I had my new sketchbook though, why they college messed up their orders of new I supplies I don't know, but it means unless I do my work in some crappy folded up paper I'm going to have to wait to properly start work on this project.

As I'm writing this at my mums I realised that it is so much easier to do my coursework without this blinking parrot squawking away. She is beautiful, all the time shes not trying to chew my fingers, and when she talks she is really funny! But its all the noise and misbehaving that gets me! I mean my boys squeak a hell of a lot, they're guinea pigs,its a feature! But their noise is never as painful as a noisy parrot! That's why I love my cat, he knocks things over sometimes and he meows but the majority of the time you cant hear him. I'm so tired, got to bed about 9 o clock, was still up at 11. Don't know why I try to sleep early it never happens, Woulda wrote this then if someone wasn't  hogging the laptop as usual, can't wait till he gets his new computer so he can let me use mine once in a while!

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