Tuesday 8th February- Bloody Parrot

Back to mums early again, like most Tuesdays. Was workin this morning. Spent the rest of the day sorting through emails and tryin to properly finish my essay.. So much  fun.
Obi needs to wake up and get his blog done, he's been asleep for about a week! Lucky boy! I'll sort him out with some catnip later! He'll like that!
Stayed round my friends for a bit after work this afternoon, had a nice chat about upcoming events and a little drink, that was nice! We mentally prepared for Wednesday. All will be good though.
I actually got to spend time in my old room this evening which was wierd with all of mums boxes in there. I haven't been in there for ages! I watched big fat gipsy wedding, lovin the dresses! Then I had to leave before Shameless or I never woulda got home! Good day!
I will start writin more in my posts when i'm allowed my laptop back!

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