Thursday 10th February 2011- February, Febuary,Februray.What?

I don't quite know what has been up with my spelling of this months name lately. I should remember it considering how many important dates fall in this month. One of our closest friends birthdays, my friends daughters birthday, my Dads birthday, our anniversary, and Valentines Day! Not really a month to forget about! For future blog entries I will be able to look back at this year and see what has happened.
 Maybe now I should recall what Ive done over the last few years. A lot of fun times out with friends that I can't really remember, a lot of good times out camping I can't remember, I knew I should have started this years ago.
One thing I won't forget for a while is being put on breakfast duty on day, trying to catch a frying pan full of boiling oil isn't a very clever thing to do! Ohh I did scream! My auntie and my cousins were over the other side of the field and they said it sounded like someone was havin a baby! Kinda funny now but I so wasn't laughing at the time! Dad was though! He was tryin to reassure me(between sniggers) and told me to try and take my hand out of the water, I wasn't having any of it! After about 5or6 hours with my hand in cold water and no signs of the pain disappearing I decided it was time to go to a and e. Here's where the tip of the year comes in.. If you go to a and e and do need immediate attention, just scream as loud as you can for as long as you can and some nursey type will take you in so that you don't scare the normal people! I did it without even thinking, was pretty cool looking back! Shame about the half wit agency nurse that took half an hour attempting to wrap me up! Dad did have a good rant at them about that! Thanks Dad!! I got lots of 'laaaavvvy' painkillers and was sent back to camp with some nice big bandages to show off. And got banned from breakfast duty forever, what a shame that is, lol joke!!
So back to now! After a very early start I knew I had to crack on with my project and get some work made I thought I'd have a play with some chicken wire. Word of warning, don't do it! I got cuts all over my hands now. After about an hour and a half of this and 10 cuts later my lovely tutor said,'Why don't you put some gloves on?' I thought, 'Why didn't you say that an hour ago?' But me being me decided to crack on anyways! I was near enough falling asleep come mid-afternoon, so had enough it was mad. With an early finish I thought I'd see the day through. Little did I know a very good friend of mine would call and say there had been a fatality in the family and she needed some comforting! Me, again being me, dropped what I was doing told my tutors I was off and made run for it. If there's one thing in this world I can't bear its seeing my friends unhappy! I did my best to cheer things up, I think it worked. It was that or the couple of glasses of drinks we had in rememberance. Words cannot describe how bad I feel for them right now!
I had a long cuddle with my lovely little boys when I got home, and we had a lovely dinner! Thanks to my fab friend! Am now sitting on the floor with my laptop till I sort out a better place for it. should really be in a chair. My back is killing!!

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  1. The good thing of having several people blogging is that you get reports of the same event from different points of view.....
    Take August 9th, 2008 for example...

    Stuff your hand - water is very heavy to lug the length of the field, and you were pouring it all away !!!!!
    Happy days....