Friday 11th February 2011- Mad days

I'm so rubbish in the mornings! I'll spend all day feeling sleepy then as soon as I get to bed at night I'll be awake for hours trying to sleep. It sucks big time! Really don't know why and I don't like it! Even if I go to bed early I'll still be up watching telly till gone 12. At least I know I ain't gotta get up tomorrow!
Got to college and had an average morning, chatting away and trying to focus on getting some practical work done, till the poxy place actually get us some sketchbooks I don't want to do too much writing. Had a really cool lunch break though.. My friend has started a blog as I'd shown her mine, and she wanted some help setting it up, I said I'd show her a few things, then spent most of our lunch break in the computer room! I like being helpful! Hope shes getting on ok!!
We played with some different materials for our project after lunch, something called pavepol. Fabric stiffener! We were told to impregnate some scrim(material) with fabric stiffener! Woof, we did have a laugh! After a few innuendos we got to actually making things with it, mine hadn't dried by the time I'd left college, hope it turns out ok.
I left my art history a little earlier than usual as I had to work, only after I'd shown my llecturer my essay of course! My friend met me from college, and after a cup of tea and a chat she went off to her appointment and left me to tutoring, which is usually quite fun. Until my 'student' decided he wasn't playing ball today. Of only an hour we had to get some work done he spent at least half of it saying he didn't want to work on it anymore, etc, more reasoning that isn't my place to discuss. So a serious pep talk was in order. After a little while I think I got him to realise that hard work pays off in the end. I hope I did anyways cos I had a serious headache when I left! So glad I got to chill out when I got home!

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