Sunday13th February 2011- Nursing Poorly Soldiers

Mi man been very sick today, he came down with a really bad cold yesterday afternoon, doesn't seem to be getting any better just yet. I been running around trying to sort everything out so I can just let him sleep. Really don't think he should be going to work tomorrow!
Luckily my Fifi came to keep me company for most of the afternoon and evening!
 We'd gone into town earlier to grab a few bits, nothing interesting really, and got hit on by some strange Asian guy! The fact that I told him that my boyfriend was coming to pick us up didn't seem to get through to him straight away, as I'd said this he replied with, "Oh I can give you a lift!" As if I would say, er yeah ok, Yeah right! When I'd made it quite clear that I really wasn't the least bit interested he turned to point at Sofia and just said, "Well what about her?!" At this point I got a little angry, how can he blatantly hit on me and then turn to my friend and try it on with her? Has he no shame?? Fia immediately said she has a boyfriend and we both said look they'll be here soon you better just go. He answers this with, "Why is your boyfriend going to hurt me?" I was just about to say no but I might when Fia told him that half of the town will hurt him if her man finds out he's trying it with her! Ohh I did laugh!
Mi poorly man came to get us as he'd been to grab a few bits also and I put him straight into bed when we got back with a few treats and a cup of tea. Hope he gets better soon!
Me and Fia played Sims3 on the xbox360. Ohh it was fun!We made characters for both of our boyfriends too and we were all housemates! But we spend the majority of the first few hours just creating the characters! Was really cool but we got bored of it after about half an hour of actually playing so we gave up and put the telly on instead! I stayed on guard to check if anything was required by the poorly soldier of course!
We sat up watching crap on telly till about 11 then Fia realised she had better get back to her man. He'd been busy working bless him!
Was bloody good to see her still!

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