Wednesday 16th February 2011- Ohh I love College

I do miss my college buddies when I'm not there, I am soo gonna cry when we finish in June!
Not a lot of note happened today really. Just trying to not get too emotionally involved in my coursework, being a budding artist, this is easier said than done. I feel I get so much more out of my work if I pour my heart and soul into it. This also means it is a bigger kick in the teeth if I don't get the grades I'd hoped for, been lucky so far. Ohh talk of lucky, the college finally got the delivery of new sketchbooks! not the interesting bit, the interesting bit is that I went through to the stock room four times to collect a sketchbook for each of my classmates and every time I did, no one was there to open the blinkin cupboard! How glad I was I decided against wearing my stilettos today!
 I know a few people have been awaiting this weeks blog entries. I know certain people read my blog religiously, people I don't know, or haven't seen for years!! Its funny I really don't see why its so important for some people to know what I'm doing. Do they.. shut up Kat.
I have so far helped three friends set up new blog spots, and I've barely had mine a month! I hope they try to keep it up like I do, I may get a little behind once in a while but I make a point of remembering least until I write it down. then I'll forget and let my blog remember for me! Don't expect me to remember what I did last week though! I know it was good though! Its my life, and that's always good. Don't mean to sound as Big-headed as this might but I love my life! I don't think I'd want to be anyone else.

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