Thursday 17th February 2011-Work work and more work, Love it!

Grrrrrr it sucks being a chick sometimes! especially when everything is just really annoying for no apparent reason! Just had one of those days when I just have a really short fuse, I never thought you could be angry and happy at the same time! Well apparently I can! I think its cos it took me about half a day before I made my work personal. Don't really know why I do it! Silly me!

I don't like being moody when my friends are always trying to cheer me up! That makes me feel even worse for being a bitch. Still makes me happy that they care though! I have been in a really strange mood today, don't think its gonna end today either! I'll stop it when this piece of work is finished!
The piece I'm currently working on is made to portray how, even if people try not to show it, you can see in facial expressions and body language how a person is feeling. Its a pretty simple subject but portraying it has so many levels of working.  Do I want it to be really obvious or subtle? I think that needs consideration. Still stands as a strong idea though. I just wish I could disconnect from the emotions while I work on them, but I know that isn't going to happen!
My lovely friend met me from college today and after we nipped to tesco's we were home and opening a bottle of champagne. I think we both deserved it! We chatted for a few hours and before I knew it was time to get back to my dads as we were off out to celebrate a family friends Birthday. Was a bloody good night. The food was lovely, although I fear I maybe suffering tomorrow! Purple rain is good stuff after a long day. Home to find an obikat on the mat waiting for us to get home with a Nearly empty biscuit bowl. Bless his beautiful little paws! I think him and the pigs have been up to something!

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