Tuesday 15th February 2011- Tattoos and Terapins

This morning I went back to my home town to spend some time with my girl Fifi. She was going to her a new tattoo and wanted a hand to hold. I think its just cos she loves me, She was booked in for 11, so we got to town earlyish, meeting her boyfriend on the way, so I could drop some money into the bank. Banking done we sat outside the tattoo shop to have a smoke. We waited and waited, around 5 to 11 the guys finally showed up, and faffed around for a bit more. It was to my understanding that if you had an appointment for 11, you would be prepared awaiting your customer at 10 to. You would think an artist with a supposed good reputation would like to keep a good report with customers. According to what happened today, you would have thought wrong! After her going in to get the size of the work organised, then being told to wait in the waiting room, very rudely, by 20past 11 we were finally told they were ready for her to go in. As yesterday was Valentines day her boyfriend decided her new tattoo would be an ideal present. I think its very sweet! So with this being the case I can't begin to imagine how Sofia's boyfriend felt when the guys were making rude and flirty comments to her whilst she had the work done, I could see in his face he was getting annoyed with them, and rightly so. I would like to think that shows he cares. I know he does as well bless him. He is a good guy. This is what upset me the most was how unprofessional it is to hit on clientele in front of their partners. How arrogant can you get.
Anyways, tattoo's done I walked back home (in the rain) to go and meet my lovely man at my mums for his lunchbreak. I like seeing him on his lunch, days don't seem quite as long then! Shortly after I was supposed to be going to work. But with a poorly sick pupil my tutorials will have to wait for another day! Fia and her man came back from town and had a cuppa with me, and we took a little walk up the road to Jays pet shop. I like it in there as it reminds me of when I was younger seeing all the snakes and lizards. They have so many different animals too, snakes, lizards, tortoises, terrapins, and a big iguana! He was cool. I was given Fia a running commentary of each of the animals and how many we had, a few facts about them and what our ones names were. The guy in the shop did smile when I saw him in the corner of my eye as I was sharing my knowledge about his animals. Fia was going just as gooey eyed at the leopard geckos as I do, I think they want one too. We decided that in a few weeks we'll all go together to get them, depending on if I see any prettier ones next Tuesday when me and dad go on a road trip to a few places he knows of. Would be cool if we both got them on the same day! I love my pets so much, I'm sure they wouldn't mind a little gecko brother or sister!

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