Friday 18th February 2011-Owwwwwwies

Ohh my god I had a long day today, still in a very strange mood. I just focussed on finishing my work before half term, I could do with a few days to catch up with a few things at home too.
I bet the piggles think they've been abandoned. So they getting extra cuddles now. Say hi boys......ygfc jl,kjyhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyn
Hahaa, that was Spiderpig!..... wait Squeakles says hi too...
c      j4rdffffffffffffffffffjrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlt5syggggggggggggggggg
 Bless em, they can't type as well as obi yet!
Finally got my work finished, well that piece anyways. So my moods can return to some degree of normality, when they feel like it! Just got to work on my sketchbook throughout the holiday now!
I had my last art history with my lecturer today, was like the end of an era, he has taught me for 3 years now. am gonna miss that! I've finished my essay now just awaiting the results!
 Been soo tired all day. Now I'm home and chilled out, I'd rather be doing things than sleeping. Am tired though. I can't stay and chat for long though now, these boys don't cuddle themselves ya know.

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