Saturday 19th March 2011- Lunch With mi Fams n A Seriously Tedious Ordeal

Today was something dad had been planning for a little while, it was his dads birthday recently, and as a present he'd decided to take Nan and Granddad out for a meal. The surprise was that neither of them knew that me, mi man and mi brother would be there! As mi brother still can't drive mi man took me and mi brother to the pub,The Three Oaks pub, in Three Oaks, and we waited there for mum and dad to go and get nan and granddad from their house a few miles away in Hastings. As we waited we got drinks and went outside for a quick smoke. Hoping we would not be seen before they arrived. Shortly after I saw mums car coming past where we sat, I realised that we hadn't been spotted when nan and granddad walked round the corner from the car park stil completely unaware that we were sat there! It was onl after I stood up and said "Hi Nan!" that they saw we were there!
We got hugs, i got told off about my new tatto by nan, and went inside to find our table. I had to be stuck behind the table didn't I. Wasn't too clever with my new tattoo. I still love it though. We'd all chose what we wanted to eat and got to catching up on whats been happening lately, lots of different discussions. I phased out for some of it. I had a prawn cocktail starter, sausage, mash and peas for main, and a yummy hot  chocolate fudge brownie for pudding. It was so good I had to eat it, didn't finish the main course though so I could leave room for pudding! It was really nice to see my grandparents, we never have seen them very often.
After such a lovely day it was a shame to end it with the tedious ordeal that followed! After a nap in front Time Gentlemen Please we set off to mums tree hugging friends of Kings Woods quiz night, it even sounds totally lame, and believe me, it was! We were there under false pretenses that we were to make up numbers of mums friends group, only to find when we arrived that they'd changed it so there would now be four people to a team, so my first instinct said to get out of there as quickly as I could! But I could see mum thought that would be rude to her friends! It was so rubbish! There was questiond about deer, bats and some other woodland critters! The most lame of all was the last round where you had to match up the twig to leaves! I soo wanted to bash my head up the table at this point! Even in the high heels I'd worn to the pub allday I could have easily walked all the way home from this crappy little village hall, It was the most tedious ordeal I've had to blog about since I started this Series!! Was soo glad to get home and see my boys after this long day!

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