Thursday 10th March 2011-New Project, Yay

I love starting new projects. Its so exciting! I have so many idea's at the beginning of projects and narrowing down ideas is always the tough part. I thought that if I started with a broad subject matter it'll be so much easier to choose what to make for the final piece. The original plan was to use an element of each project we had done so far and recreate the idea in a new way. This morning I sat down with my tutor and went over my mind map to see where the common link was between each idea. It seemed that the link was that the majority of ideas were related by the theme of the human condition, (how we live in a consumerist environment and what effect that has on the world) and how we treated animals and the planet in history. All good stuff.
 The thing I love about making artwork is that, providing you have enough theory behind your work to back it up, you can make work about whatever you want, and its neither right or wrong. I love to create intricate and elaborate theories behind my work, makes it so much more interesting.
Soo couldn't wait to get home and sleep, as always!

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