Monday 14th March 2011-Lots of Work to do

What a madness, worked most of the day. This doesn't sound out of the ordinary for most people but for someone tutoring a 15year old who has been out of education for a little while is quite a lot to handle, he is a smart enough boy to realise that if he keeps talking about random things it'll take away from time that he'd have to be writing. With his mum shouting blue murder at him I thought it'd be a good idea if I took him to the library to do some research for his presentation he was asked to do before he starts his new college course in September. Everyone was just getting stressed out so it was good that we went out for a while. Problem was that our local library is under construction and being totally rebuilt so we had to make do with the temporary library in the middle of town, we got dropped off in town(as he didn't want to walk) and we walked through to find the makeshift library, and it was rubbish! There was hardly any informative books there at all, let alone relative information to what we were trying to find. But we had a good go at it. We found out where we could find relevant information at least.
After a little giggle at some normal people and nearly getting very rude to the soo not helpful library staff we decided we'd found all we could and started heading back! Being nearly lunch time  I thought we'd have a break and my friend made me a lovely sandwich, then I had to dash so I could go and meet my man for lunch. Which seemed to go all too quickly as always. I told my pupil that when I got back we would get back to researching for his project. He thought we were done for the day, bless him!
I made lunch for mi man and my brother, which I hope they liked. I coulda easily stayed in watching time gentlemen please with my brother and his poorly foot but I knew I had better get back to work, I think it lasted a grand total of about half hour before he my pupil was moaning again. All good fun. We gave up around half 3 4ish so me and rachy could nip to boots and get her some hair stuff.
All to soon it was time to head home. For some reason evenings are such a blur, I wasn't drinking that much wine after work, honest!

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