Wednesday 2nd March 2011-Back to College

Half terms suck, I may have said before but holidays aren't really holidays anymore, even if I can't do any work I'm still thinking about it, still got to make sure I know whats got to be done. Got loads to do still but I wanted to do it while I was at college, not when I was supposed to be on a break.
Back at college bright and early I was informed that we had until next week to finish our projects, bonus!
I set about getting a functional piece of work made, as the project brief said should be done. Only a simple thing, but functional none the less.
It should be mentioned now that I don't like sowing, having not done it for a long time, I'm not particularly good at it either. so why I chose to make an embroidered pillow I don't know. It was a mission and a half. (3D Sculptural Textiles is a lot harder project than I 1st thought it would be!) I attempted to sow some writing on by hand. Which didn't work at all. Then I went to the fashion students room to borrow a sowing machine.Somehow I managed to brake two of them! Think they fixed them now! It was funny all the same, my tutor came up to see if I was ok and the fashion students said they were looking after me! That was nice of them!
Once I realised this really wasn't working one of the fashion students told me to try using a fabric adhesive called wonderweb. It is effectively double sided sticky stuff to iron fabrics together. I simply had to cut the letters out of one fabric-when it had wonderweb on the back, and iron it onto the pillow fabric. Sowing the two sides of the pillow and stuffing it was so easy compared to this tedious ordeal of the lettering! Going to try to sow things more often I think.
Just after break this morning my friend Kaytee (yes thats how she spells it) came to me and said something had changed on her ucas (university) application, and had I had that email too? I had but I didn't think much of it at the time, I figured that if I'd had an offer for an interview the university would have emailed me. She told me to check it because that meant I may have had an offer, and they don't always send an email, they sometimes just do it through the ucas site. So I ran up to the computer room, logged on and into the site to check if any of my options had changed. They had! The one course I really had my heart set on said I had a conditional offer, already! I haven't even had an interview! I was so happy!
Then I got to the conditions. One stated that I had to finish my current course with the grades Distinction, Merit, Merit. (which I believe to be on the path for already) Two was that I have pass Key skills level 3 Communications, they only do up to level 2 at my campus which means I'll have to find somewhere else to do that. My tutor told me that people doing this on an A level course would have spent a whole year studying and doing their portfolio for the exam. Not too sure how I'm going to manage that. My first offer was still very exciting! I called my nan I was that excited, and she likes to know whats going on for us as we don't see her very often. She sounded very happy for me, although I'm sure she won't remember what the course is called for very long. In the mean time I texted my brother and a few close friends, the funnyiest text I got back (along with a lot of well dones) was from my brother, it just said "Geek!Xx" Cheeky sod. Less than a minute later he'd texted me again saying he was only joking and was very happy for me! Over the frickin moon!!
Having spent most of the day faffing around with fabric and with all the added excitment I couldn't wait to get home and go to sleep. But we wanted to pass by Bear and tea's for chats, and to be more excitable. The boys went off out to get us a KFC, as me and tea both had things to celebrate. I was so tired when we left I don't know how I stayed awake so late.

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