Friday 4th March 2011- Oh my brother!! You plum

The fact that everyone in my family has an idiot brother is an understatement. But I'll get to that in a minute.
I got most of my coursework done last night I thought I'd do the rest of it through critiques today.
When I got to college we had a lovely little chat-outside having a fag- about a certain couple of people who take the piss with the levels of work they Don't do and still get alright grades. We were saying how- when they actually come to college- these two come in an hour late and give some crap excuse as to why they late, then they take an hour of our tutors time because they've got so much to catch up on, then as soon as his back is turned they sit there playing on their phones! For those of us that always have our work done on time this is a major liberty as we feel like we should be given a break for actually being punctual. One girl i the year below us got her work in two weeks late and only got a pass regardless of the level of her work because it was late, I love that fact my tutor is good to us but after an amount of time of people using his good nature to their advantage it just becomes plain offensive!
When we got into our room we were all ready to start and my tutor brought up the same discussion we'd been having outside! Due to us all being ready to start our critiques he decided as the 'other two' were being given more time then so should we. I thought that was really good of him as he knows most of us don't take the piss.
Being given more time meant I could do my work without worrying about being rude through other peoples crits. I got my final piece done with and arranged in a way I could present it. Over lunch I started filling up my sketchbook with extra bits and pieces.
Around half one I got a call from my dad saying that my brother has had an accident at work, for a few split seconds between him saying this and the next sentence my heart sank! It turned out that a heavy roll of paper had fell on him and has broken his foot! As I'd already started packing up my stuff as soon as I heard the word accident I thought it best I got myself to the hospital to see he was ok. I walked down the hill from college to find a bus, as much as my feet were killing in my new heels I thought it would be no  way near as much pain as my brother would be in right now! As the bus finally arrived I got to have a little detour all round what seemed like most of the area on the way, I wished it would just go where it was destined to go!
When I got to the hospital I was greeted by my brother saying, "What are you doing here?" I told him I was having a tea party and what the hell did he think I was doing there! Silly guy! His friend who was sitting with him told me how long they'd been there and what had been done so far. My brother then said that because I was there his friend could go if he wanted to. I wasn't sure what reaction I would get, or if he'd want me there but I was glad he did! I was asked if I was still supposed to be at college or if I was missing anything, I told him it didn't really matter that I missed a few hours this afternoon as I think it was more important to be there with him! It was fun wheeling him round in a wheelchair that he and his friend had apparently 'found' in the halls and 'borrowed for a little while! Once the inital shock was wearing off and the levels of adrenaline went down he was really starting to feel the pain. I've never seen him like that before, it was a bit scary! But I knew it would happen and he refused to take any pain killers while we were there because he just wanted to get home. He had been told he had broken two metatarcles and had to have a 2nd xray to see that his ankle was ok, and it was! Thank god! The only thing he was interested in was worrying about his holiday that is in three weeks, and getting a cast on so he could leave! At one point I asked him how he was planning to get up two flights of stairs to his room to which he replied, "I wasn't thinking about that, until now!" Ooopps!
With a little hiccup when dad came down scaring the nursey types as he was worrying we were soon bandaged up and ready to go. I got his letter for his follow up next week and we went to find dad in his lab. When I asked to see my dad (by his name I didn't say I want to see dad, cos that would be silly) the woman on reception said, "Are you his daughter?" I wonder how she knew?!
Soon we were packed into the car with crip and his crutches in tow.
Shortly after getting home I helped him  wrap a bin bag around his cast so he could have a shower and he was off out to go see his mates. I thought I'd go see some good friends too while I was there too so I could tell them about the day. It was the last thing I had expected to happen today it really was. Round at my friends house we had a few well deserved drinks, as mi man came home from work I decided I wanted macdonalds. That was nice, I blame the alcohol! All was slightly hazy after that.

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