Sunday 6th March 2011- Yummy Dinner and Chilling out

After a long day and a late night last night I really didn't want to get up today! When I did I had to get ready pretty quickly as we were off to mi mans parents for dinner, I love going to visit them. Its funny to see where mi man gets some of his traits from. Shouting at inanimate objects seems to run in the family! Sorry guys. I didn't laugh at the time but its pretty funny now.
It was a lovely day with them, after I dragged mi man away from watching football in the other room! I didn't really mind though, I was watching the Olympics with his parents and asking mum random questions about the pole vault!
On the way home we collected Sofia from her friends and we headed home to chill out for a bit. Well me and Fia did anyways, he went off to his mates to watch the second half of the match. All good fun,
Me and fia were having a laugh as usual, playing xbox and stuff. We didn't really do much the rest of the evening. Was still fun though.

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