Saturday 5th March 2011- Lie in, Walking and even more Drink

After a nice long lie in and a play fight (getting bitten and pushed out of the bed) I got up to have a bath before we figured out what to do for the day. shortly after getting out of the bath and getting ready I got a call from my dad saying there were on their way up to go for a walk, which I 'd almost forgot was suggested yesterday. Soon enough the parents were round and we were off on a walk to town, but apparently no one had told mum we were walking, and she'd worn her heels! With the boys marching off into the distance me and mum joked that they had the beer-dar switched on and they weren't going to wait for us!
A drink at the guildhall and we were off to Chambers. I like it in Chambers more than most places. We'd got our drinks and sat down when I realised someone had bought a magazine over with mi 'old friend' Ellie on the cover! What bugged me about this was we were all very supportive of her career when we used to train Capoiera together, then it was like as soon as she got one song released she forgot about all of us, even a little message to say how ya been woulda been cool, but no! I wish her all the best but I won't be thinking much about that 'friend' anymore.
After we'd finished our drinks we had to dash home as mum was off out to her friends house to watch movies this evening. As dad decided that he was going to mi man thought he'd be sociable also. Being allowed to go out with friends is a concept he wasn't used to in past situations. But i digress, with him off out I had the chance to go and catch up with some of my friends.
I spent a long time on the phone to a very close friend I haven't really had time to talk to for a while, we used to talk for hours everyday. now things have changed its good to talk when we can. Then I was off to mi friends to hav a few drinks and a chat about life. We started watching the film, Shutter Island, I really wanted to see the end but I had to leave when mi man got back. Was a really nice day still.

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