Thursday 3rd March 2011- Last day of the Project? What?

After being told yesterday that we had until next week to finish our work, I was most shocked to be told we had our group critiques tomorrow! I'm sure I'll get my work done in time. I spent most of the day finishing my sketchbook. So much fun, and finalizing all my practical work and making the most of chilling with my friends at college. We had such a laugh. Was one of those days that I'm sure we'll all remember for a long time. Is realy starting to hit home that we haven't got much longer together now we're all having interviews and getting offers for university. I'm going to miss them all so much! We were playing with clay and throwing it at the wall to see what bits would stick, I couldn't get it to stick! I think it was where I was sitting. My buddy jj thought it was most hilarious to wipe his clay covered hands all over my face, we did laugh, cheeky bugger I'll get him back!
In our tutorial this afternoon we talked about student finance for uni. Which was a big headache unless you happen to be ok with Maths. It was said that unless you've been living on your own for more than three years you will still be assessed on your parents income, so I won't be getting many grants. Grrr face! We also spoke about the costs of the course, if we enrol this year the whole course will be on that same amount of fees. At the moment in 2011 this is capped to the highest charge being 3,375. But if we enrol in 2012 the costs will go up maybe to as much as three times more! This means that if I stay at my campus and do a higher national diploma I will have to re-enrol when I do the BA top-up year in 2014, which would be in the higher course fee rates, this one year could cost more than doing the whole HND. (Higher National Diploma) This is all stuff I will have to seriously consider before I make my decisions. I'm not going to reply until I have all my offers back. I wonder if they'll all be as difficult as the offer I've got!
This evening I spent well over three hours on my coursework, I flicked though my sketchbook assuring the majority of it was in order then spent the rest of the time writing my evaluation. I really don't know how it ended up being three pages long! I did enjoy this project a lot! After smiling sweetly at mi man to read my evaluation to check it made sense I had a lovely relaxing bath, and went straight to bed. Really should get this blog back on track now.

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