Tuesday 5th April 2011-Still More Work, Tattoos and Training!

Oh my god what a busy day! Got back to mums bright and early, waited a little while until the rest of the world woke up. Then got to work, lots of moaning but I think we got more work done this morning in 2 hours than we got done in 4 yesterday! Don't know how that worked, cheeky monkey was trying to test me on a few things today, I had to tell him, I don't need tutoring thanks, if I did, I wouldn't be tutoring him! that was funny, he told me I don't know how to spell every word in the dictionary, so I said not being funny, pretty much, I do. then he said, ok spell something in tukish then!! Funny guy I said, "How has that got anything to do with English?" It hasn't! Then he told me to spell a word that is actually German! Oh I laughed, bless him, that's why I'm working with him though, I've got the gift of patience that not many people have to the levels I've acquired. I love it. I think his mum would have killed him if she'd sat and tried to work with him for that long!
When it was lunch time I went back to mums to meet mi man on his break. Then I got up to the studio to crack on with my sleeve tattoo. Luckily Sofia came to hold my hand for a little while, that was nice. I picked the wrong day to do this as I knew I was going back to Capoeira tonight, really missed it and my friends and my instructor have been nagging me to come back for ages now. So Fia came with me there too for moral support, and it was so fun! I missed training a lot but I still can't help but feel like it's a lot different than how it used to be. I miss the good old days more! Really want to get back on track though. After class Fia drove us over to our mate chippys house to meet everyone there, and we watched a few episodes of black books! I love it, its so funny. Didn't get home until gone half 10, college tomorrow! Yay.
So knackered!

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