Monday 4th April 2011- Lots of Work

What a day, tutoring was not something I was looking forward to today. I love doing it but it would be so much more fun if the boy I'm working with had a bit more motivation. Its hard because I really want him to do well, but its like people always say, you can't help someone unless they help themselves! He wants to do well I know he does, but until he realises he's got to put the work in to see a positive come back, he's not going to get very far, unfortunately. I can see a lot of myself in him sometimes, I never focused too much at school, and I just assumed that I'd find a way into something I enjoyed. But it never happened. Now I'm back at college trying again to get an education to get a decent job. I don't think if I knew then what I do now I would of messed about like I did. But he's got a chance to change, but like me, I think he's not going to realise it until its too late. So we spent most of the morning with him trying to talk his way out of doing some work, it was only when I said, look, I don't want to hear it, write down anything you're going to say, and I'll read it later. I really don't like being harsh with him but its the only way I can get him to do anything.
We had a break for lunch and got right back to it, for some reason, even though I was there for nearly six hours, we only got about four hours of work done. There wasn't really a lot of work to show for it either. I really want him to do well for himself.
 I just went to sleep on the sofa when I got home, mentally drained!

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