Sunday 3rd April- Mothers day

I do love Sundays, one of the only days of the week I don't feel guilty having a lie in. Mi man was up earlier than I noticed. I don't know why anyone gets up before 9 o clock on a Sunday, its madness I tell you! Fair enough if you have dogs that need walks, or if you've got to work, or a plan to go out somewhere exciting, but for a lazy day chilling out, why get up so early?! Anyway, I had my lie in and mi man mad me a lovely bacon and egg sandwich in bed. Loved it! I tried to get ready, slowly seeing as it was one of the few days I wasn't being rushed out the door by a certain someone!
We went to visit his brother, and sister in law. They're cool. They'd been looking after a briefcase for him, but the dozey sausage couldn't remember the code! I decided I'd have a crack at it, I was told it had a 7 in it! Well that helped, not! After about half an hour and systematically going through every combination with a 7 I realised that it obviously didn't have a 7. So I started again from 001. Oh my days it took a while, I'd sat there for so long trying every different number that when I cracked it I nearly jumped out of my skin! I was so proud of my little self, and I'll tell you what, I'm never going to forget that code now! not telling though, haha!
We then set off to see bear, t, and the pups. ohh they are sweet! We sat and chatted for ages, well the boys talked about crap and me and t pulled faces at them being boring! Bless them.
I need to stay on track with my blogs so I don't forget what I'm doing everyday!

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