Wednesday 20th April 2011- All good fun!

I really don't like being here on my own! Simple answer, go out to work same time as mi man does, then my boys will be on their own allday! Can't win! I don't like leaving my boys on their own allday, but when Obi spends most of his time sleepin, and the pigs do their piggle thing, I suppose it ain't that bad.
I went to meet Sofia in town, so she didn't have to walk all the way over on her own. Didn't stay there too long though. We headed back and did our girli things, watchin telly and trying to come up with the next big ideas for my projects! I did write back to my friend this evening. Took ages too but I just wanted to get it finished and sent quickly.
We had a wicked day though, from what I remember of it!

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