Saturday 16th April 2011-Out for Chinese

Weekends are great! We got up late and went to town to look for some stuff, i needed new moisturiser, fun. Mi man bought me a new top! Yay! When we were nearly done in town we had to drop by Kalala's to book a table for tonight. We going out to celebrate! Haha! Well, we'll go into that another time! But we booked the table, and whilst we did one of the girls in there noticed my tattoos, she recognized the Chinese writing, and knew what it meant, so that was good news!
We went home and got ready to go out. It was a lovely evening, mi man, me, his mum and dad, and his brother and sister-in-law all had too much food, but we had all finished relatively quickly, it was still quite early when the waiting staff were not too subtle about saying we could leave now! So we were all off to mi mans mum and dads for teas and coffee. Which was nice as its not very often you find everyone together. It was so nice. I got a lot of catching up to do now!

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