Monday 24th January 2011-Coursework, Coursework and guess what, wrong! Got To Dance!

Okaii so I did spend most of the day glued to my sketchbook, Still not getting my head round this project, thank god its nearly over! I sorted a few things round the house and cleaned my boys den.. They were jumping to get back in it! Had a quick cup of tea and checked my emails wen an Obikat tried to jump on mi lap. Poor little mite got a bit of tea spilt on his noggin! Lucky it wasn't that hot by this time, he still didn't like it much.
Was supposed to spend the evening on my sketchbook, but after mi man got home and had made me a lovely dinner my brain had other thoughts.. We watched an episode of South Park, some red dwarf. Then he went out and left me to get on with some stuff. Stuff that mainly involved cuddling the boys, squeakles,(the little brother) got very comfy on my lap and nearly fell asleep, and watching last nights Got To Dance. Oh my daisies it was so cool! Is usually much more fun watching it with people so you can laugh at the rubbish ones, but this one was really cool! This guy on there, Turbo, wickid dancer I well liked that performance. Anyone who hasn't seen it better watch now!
From time to time in my blog I may have a moment or two to reflect on the past. My past, that isn't a part of me now, is left behind for a reason. Maybe things that I used to do that I don't do anymore, or certain friends I'm not that tight with, or an ex I just couldn't see eye to eye with, its not that i hate them, life is too short to be holding grudges. But none the less, they are in my past for a reason! I hope that other people can learn to let go and move on to better things as well.
As of tomorrow I should have more pix uploaded to my blog.

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  1. Mee dids go on da bus today Aunty Wilma n Mee was eva so goods. Hurry n gets Obi his blog up okays